The Patterson Law Firm

Clint Patterson was raised primarily in Oklahoma and Texas. Clint had big dreams of growing up to be a super-hero, disco dancer or professional baseball player. While those early dreams didn’t quite work out, the creativity and perseverance learned in pursuing all of those early dreams have served Clint well.


Clint graduated from Canyon High School, just outside of Amarillo, Tx. in 1992. From there, he attended the University of Chicago from 1992-1996. Clint played varsity basketball for the U of C and until very recently held several University and UAA conference 3pt scoring records. In early adult life, Clint worked as a sleepaway summer camp counselor (think Meatballs), for Merrill Lynch in Chicago, as a runner on the Chicago Board of Trade, as a congressional intern for Congressman Mac Thornberry in Washington DC, and tended bar (favorite job of all time).


Clint graduated from the University of Tulsa School of Law in 2004. While in law school, he worked for the insurance defense firm Rhodes Hieronymus in Tulsa, OK. After law school, Clint worked for Tulsa County District Attorney Tim Harris as a prosecutor. He immediately fell in love with trial law. Always the “communicator”, Clint was a natural in the courtroom, quickly raising through the ranks of the DAs office prosecuting crimes against children and felony crimes committed in the Tulsa area. Clint never lost a trial while in the DAs office trying 19 jury trials and more than 30 bench trials while a prosecutor.


Clint’s personal mantra is to be a unique original, someone unlike anyone that you have ever met. Not short on personality, Clint strives to be different in a way that endears him to most that he encounters. Clint has played basketball with several NBA basketball players, climbed a 14er (14,000 ft mountain in Colorado), caught giant salmon river fishing in Alaska, “ran” a half marathon without training (not recommended), swam with turtles in Maui, attended high school in Houston, Tx. with Texas Senator and 2016 Presidential Hopeful Ted Cruz, took a powered hang glider pilot lesson, played with spider monkeys in their habitat in a Mexican jungle, played pickup basketball with former President Obama (often ran into him while he was a professor at the Univ. of Chicago before he was a Senator or President), and is currently embarrassing his 13 year-old daughter and 12 year-old son on a daily basis.


Clint believes that his calling is helping people. Clint is fiercely competitive and strives to fight on a daily basis for his clients, friends and family. Armed with a huge heart and unusual talents, Clint would love to help you regardless of what you face.