Charged with Both DUI and Drug Crimes? What to Expect

Charged with Both DUI and Drug Crimes? What to Expect

Charged with Both DUI and Drug Crimes: What to Expect

If you have been charged with both DUI and drug crimes, you probably are wondering what to expect during your case. When someone has multiple criminal charges against them, fighting the charges can be a little complicated and should be handled by a knowledgeable attorney.

Different Defenses for Different Charges

People charged with both driving under the influence and drug crimes will need their attorney to develop defenses to all of the charges. In a DUI case, the attorney may focus on the accuracy of the breathalyzer test, among other defenses. In a drug crimes case, the attorney may focus on a Miranda rights violation, a lack of intent, or other defenses. If both charges are made, there is more to do in your case – more witnesses to question, more test results to analyze, and more legal research to do. Share all the events you know about that led to your arrest with your attorney so he or she has enough information to best defend your case.

Bargains and Reduced Sentences

When there are multiple charges, the prosecutor may agree to drop the charge that will be harder to prove if you plead guilty to the other charge. Or the prosecutor may offer a reduced sentence for both crimes if you plead guilty to both. In some cases, you may agree to a deal for one charge but not for the others. Those other charges do not go away – your case may go to trial for the remaining charges. At this point, you have some tough decisions to make. You need advice on the penalties and even jail time you could face if you plead guilty. Also, you will want to ensure that you get the best deal possible.

Recovery and Treatment Options

Oklahoma courts often offer a range of recovery and treatment options to people accused of multiple DUI and drug crimes. Your attorney may get the prosecutor to agree to a suspended or reduced sentence if you attend a drug and alcohol rehabilitation course. Some counties have special Drug Court programs that admit people with felony charges for extensive counseling and rehab. If you were charged with a drug or alcohol misdemeanor but also charged with an unrelated felony, you still may be eligible for Drug Court. For many people, going to treatment or rehab will help them get their lives on track faster than going to jail or prison. Again, talk to your lawyer about your options if you were charged with both DUI and drug crimes.

Have you been charged with multiple alcohol- and drug-related crimes in Oklahoma? Clint Patterson, Esq., of Patterson Law Firm, a former Tulsa prosecutor now using his trial experience and expert-level knowledge of DUI science to defend Oklahomans, can advise you on the additional penalties you may face if convicted. To schedule a case evaluation, visit Patterson Law Firm online or call Clint’s office at (918) 550-9175.