Why an Experienced DUI Lawyer Is Worth It

Why an Experienced DUI Lawyer Is Worth It

Why an Experienced DUI Lawyer Is Worth It

When you need a lawyer to help you fight DUI charges, hiring an experienced one is worth it. Going with the cheapest legal advice does not always turn out well. Here’s why.

  1. Knowledge of the System

A more experienced lawyer should have more knowledge of “the system” for criminal cases. For example, the lawyer may know many local prosecutors, have tried cases before many local judges, and may even have been a prosecutor before becoming a defense attorney. Knowledge gained from these experiences and the connections the lawyer develops can be invaluable. The lawyer may have more leverage to negotiate a plea deal, or may know the preferences of a certain judge.

  1. Familiarity with the Law

Experienced lawyers have spent more time reading and using legal decisions to help with their cases. Familiarity with legal decisions can help a lawyer develop defenses and argue motions in court. When you know the law, you know the exceptions and the ways to get around it.

While the underlying principles remain the same, DUI case law is always changing. In recent years, the legalization of medical marijuana and the discovery that breathalyzers’ source code may have flaws have increased the possible legal issues and defenses for DUI lawyers to explore.

  1. DUI-Specific Legal Advice

An experienced lawyer who has defended many DUI or driving while impaired cases has probably seen it all – many different types of clients and cases, and many possible defenses to DUI charges. Some DUI lawyers even have special training: in administering breathalyzer and standardized field sobriety tests (SFSTs), in interpreting laboratory results, and in recognizing impairment. This training can give them insight into problems with the prosecutor’s case. For example, an experienced lawyer may notice that the arresting officer gave the SFSTs incorrectly, leading to an incorrect conclusion that the driver was impaired.

Charged with a DUI during a traffic stop? Seek out a DUI attorney with the know-how to tackle your case the right way from the start. Clint Patterson, Esq., of Patterson Law Firm, a former Tulsa prosecutor, now teaches other attorneys and law enforcement about sobriety testing techniques and defends Oklahoma drivers charged with DUIs. To schedule a case evaluation, visit Patterson Law Firm online or call Clint’s office at (918) 550-9175.