You Lied During a Traffic Stop and Got Arrested. What Next?

You Lied During a Traffic Stop and Got Arrested. What Next?

You Lied During a Traffic Stop and Got Arrested. What Next?

So you made some bad decisions recently – you got pulled over by the police, told a lie, and then the officer arrested you. You have been charged with DUI or drug possession. What should you do next? First, you need a lawyer. Second, don’t tell any more lies, and third, be realistic about the charges you face.

Lawyer Up

If you lied to the police or withheld some important information, you need a lawyer to help you with your case. A lawyer can present the best defense against the prosecutor’s case, try to negotiate a plea bargain or deal, and “rehabilitate” your character as a witness after the prosecutor reveals your lie. Rehabilitating character means that your lawyer will try to show the judge and prosecutor that your lie was:

  • Not a lie,
  • Explainable,
  • Understandable, or
  • Very out of character for you.

Doing so can improve your credibility as a witness in your case. Lies can be explainable or understandable for many reasons. For example, you might fear that someone will get hurt unless you lie, or you might have been threatened with harm yourself.

Tell the Truth

If your lie has been exposed, do not make things worse by continuing to lie. In particular, you need to tell your lawyer the truth about what happened. This will enable your lawyer to effectively question you and other witnesses, and it may reveal strong defenses to the charges against you. If you continue to lie, you could even be charged with obstructing justice or perjury (lying under oath).

Keep It Real

Be realistic about the possible outcomes of your case. Your lawyer can talk to you about the likelihood of making a plea bargain with the prosecutor for a lighter sentence. You should also ask about the consequences if you are found guilty at trial for the charges you face. Don’t let your lie discourage you from being informed and moving forward with your defense.

Charged with a DUI or possession after lying at a traffic stop? Seek out a DUI attorney with the know-how to tackle your case the right way from the start. Clint Patterson, Esq., of Patterson Law Firm, a former Tulsa prosecutor, now teaches other attorneys and law enforcement about sobriety testing techniques and defends Oklahoma drivers charged with DUIs. To schedule a case evaluation, visit Patterson Law Firm online or call Clint’s office at (918) 550-9175.